Plan Sponsors, Boards and Other Fiduciaries

Helping reduce fiduciary risk to Boards, retirement plans, and other fiduciaries or to service providers who work with fiduciaries. Reducing risk is only part of the story, we help un-complicate and streamline processes and educate fiduciaries which increases profits so the fiduciaries can concentrate on growing their companies.

Helping to Manage Your Risk

  1. Governance and Risk Management
  2. Fiduciary Oversight
  3. Fiduciary Education in Conjunction with OTB Strategic Consulting, Inc.
    1. Webinars and In Person
  4. Retirement Plan Compliance Assessments/Audit
  5. RFP/Provider Search, Review and/or Oversight
  6. ERISA 404(c) Plan Compliance Review

“If you don’t have time to do it right,
when will you have time to do it over?”

by John Wooden

Fiduciaries are charged with the “highest duty known to law.”

Since B.C. fiduciaries have existed and have been held to a higher standard.  Yet when asking someone what a fiduciary is, they usually cannot give you a definitive answer.  There is no degree or designation that prepares you for the pressures and risks of being a fiduciary.

A fiduciary knows their mistakes have real consequences on other people, not just themselves.  The best teacher on being a fiduciary is another fiduciary who also lives with the same responsibilities and risks as you.

Akros is just that.

We are fiduciaries helping fiduciaries.  The principals have been fiduciaries for decades, not months, days or hours.   We must do our best for our clients.  If not, we answer to regulators not to a certification board or some business best practice.  Our consequences are like yours – real and legal.

We are fiduciaries.  Our advice is fiduciary advice.

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