Financial Services Companies

Akros Fiduciary Management, a Registered Investment Advisor (a fiduciary), which specializes in helping investment professionals (RIAs and Brokers) increase their sales and profit margins while reducing their compliance issues in an ever-increasing and complex regulatory environment especially in the retirement plan area.

We have built multi-billion dollar RIAs, run Broker Dealers, started mutual funds from scratch, worked with clients from almost every area and industry.  With over 60 years of experience, we have likely already been where you are or where you want to be.

Helping to Increase Revenue, Sales and Decrease Risk

  1. Sales Training, System and Consulting
    1. Retirement Industry/ERISA Fiduciary Sales & Education System
    2. DOL Fiduciary Rule Templates – Negative Consent Letter, Policies and others
    3. Increase Sales Using Compliance
  2. Governance and Risk Mitigation
  3. ERISA Compliance Support and Consultation
    1. ERISA rules are different than SEC/FINRA rules.  We help minimize your ERISA exposure and risk while maximizing your sales.
  4. Consulting and Tools to Help Increase Revenue, Sales and Efficiency
    1. Overall Sales and Marketing Consulting to Help Grow Your Business
  5. Webinars
    1. For you and your plan sponsor clients and prospects

Launch Your Opportunities Now

The Financial Services Industry is coming under more and more scrutiny from politicians, regulators, and the public.  Fees are getting squeezed and clients expect more services. This together with the increase in lawsuits makes it a difficult time to be in this industry.

Distinguishing yourself from your competitors and doing so while remaining compliant is sometimes at odds.   We know, we have done it again and again.

Having someone on your team that has been there – that knows the industry not from a book or a from a client, but from living it.  Living every aspect of it – the marketing, the compliance, the client meetings, the prospects, the sales growth, the differentiation, …the successes and the failures.

We bring this experience to you.  We are an Registered Investment Advisor, but do not manage money anymore so we are not in competition with you.   Our job is to help you build a better company  have more sales, be more compliant so you can do more of the things you love to do.

We have done it and we are here to help you.

Set yourself apart from your competitors.  Contact us to find out how.