Investor Services Review Programs


Chief Fiduciary Oversight (CFO) Review Program

Akros provides independent guidance to help individuals and businesses structure their investments to meet both their business, personal short and long term investment goals. Just as the CFO in business oversees the complete financial life of the business, we do the same for individuals. As an independent fiduciary, we oversee each aspect of the client’s financial life to make sure there are no conflicts and to make sure everyone is in line with the client’s goals. It's all about the simplicity and clarity that comes from making the connection between your financial goals and what's truly important to our client.

Asset/Portfolio Review Program

Akros provides specific consultation and administrative services for individuals and business clients who want an independent third party review, education regarding investment options available to them, or an opinion concerning their assets, their advisor, or their financial situation. Whether you have an advisor or you direct your own assets, we can preform an independent assessment to see how you are doing without any sales pressure. Clients can also receive advice in such areas as negotiations, risk management, estate planning, retirement planning, philanthropy, gift administration, existing portfolio review, or any other specific topic Client may identify and contract with Akros to perform.

Women’s Fiscal Fitness Program

Women each day control more and more of the wealth in our nation. As the world of investments and finances get more complicated Women are coming more in the forefront as the bread winner and financial person in the home and in their own businesses. Akros has designed a series of free or low cost talks and a 3-1/2 hour Boot Camp to help women be independent and take control of their financial lives. 100% of all relationships and marriages will end (Death and Divorce) … take CONTROL now!